Almost 1 year in lockdown

Hi there,

It’s been almost 1 year in lockdown. We went into this 11 months ago, we are all tired and it’s been a slog. I have been battling some mental health issues with depression and general executive function issues stemming from that. I hold it together for work but it uses all my spoons and after that it’s hard to turn my focus to things like food, cleaning and self care. I just want this over so I can have somewhat of a sense of normalcy. Being autistic I love my routines and being at home all the times makes the day just seem completely unstructured and it’s hard to get motivation to get through it. I also have a hard time making my own structure, I can’t seem to figure out where to begin and how to make it happen. This is hard for me to write.

I have been putting off writing a blog post mostly because I have had a lot of soul searching going on in my mind. Being in lockdown gives you a lot of time to be in your own head. I have been examining my relationship to veganism and how that figures into my life. I have been using insect based products (honey and the like) for years because I always never fully believed the argument for insects. I have been knitting quite a lot in the pandemic and I also follow sustainability and historical fashion channels on youtube. Sustainability has led me to that vegan is not always the most sustainable and plastic is a problem in our clothes. I also remember reading the book Veganomics quite a number of years ago and remembered that clothing and non-food consumables are quite a small part of the impact in animal suffering. People don’t consume as much animal products that way and over 90% of the impact of a vegan is diet alone. After that the law of diminishing returns takes effect. Between vegans and ovo-lacto vegetarians it is a difference of about 10% compared relative to a non-vegetarian for animal suffering (ovo-lacto sitting at about 80% less suffering than a non-vegetarian).

In short, I have gone back to using animal based fibres (wool, silk, alpaca etc). I am also ok with secondhand leather, the leather is already in the world, lasts a lot longer than plastic and buying it second hand does not increase demand for new leather. I’m not sweating small amounts of egg or milk in food, I was sensitive to those foods before being vegan so I will be avoiding them anyways to avoid digestive upset. I don’t know what label that is, it’s not vegan that’s for sure I would say some sort of vegetarian but honestly labels are confusing anyways and people get confused by just the vegan label anyways. I made this decision quite a while ago, around September.

Now to some lighter stuff. I haven’t posted in many months and I have been knitting and crocheting up a storm. According to Ravelry I have completed 26 projects since my last post up to the end of 2020. 7 pairs of socks, 6 scarves/cowls, 5 hats, 2 sets of coasters, 2 washcloths, one pair of fingerless gloves, one cat toy, one robe and finished a blanket that had been on my needles for about 7 to 8 years. According to Ravelry my finished projects in 2020 totalled 12,407 meters. So far in 2021 I have completed 10 projects. I’ve been on a bit of a washcloth and coaster kick and have done 7 of those. I also completed a pair of fingerless gloves a hat as well as a shawl I had on my needles since December. I have knit 1,128 meters of yarn in 2021 so far.

Currently on my needles/hooks I have 1 sweater, 1 tank top, 1 doily, 1 lap size afghan, a pair of socks and a some fair isle lavender sachets that I need to seam and finish the trim on. Between knitting, work and youtube that is what is keeping me doing ok right now.

I had a lot to say today, thanks for reading this far.