Thinking about sewing

Hi there,

I’m always thinking ahead to my next project so here is what I am thinking.

First I want to make the Delta Hooded Vest. It’s a free download from I’m going to make it in a peachy-salmon coloured french terry that I got from the Creativ Festival this spring. It’s oh so soft. This will be the perfect transitional piece for this variable spring weather we get. Looking at the instructions it looks like a straight-forward sew with not too many surprises.

The peachy french terry. Ooooh soft.

My second make in the near future is a skirt out of the March 2018 issue of Knipmode. I have some beige and white striped linen look polyester to make this out of. The fabric has a beautiful drape to it that I think would look lovely with this pattern. A great Fabricland purchase.

Drapey linen look stripes.

Beyond that who knows what is next, but it will be nice to see how these turn out.



Let’s Get It Started

Hi there,

It’s Cyphgirl. I should tell you a little bit about myself. I am autistic, an avid crafter, a programmer, longtime vegan and all around great gal.

As an autistic person, I go through periods of intense interest in certain subjects. That means you can expect this blog to be a little…um…eclectic.

My current interests are sewing, personal finance, knitting, my cat, and coding.

I hope to make a post a few times a week, providing I don’t lose interest.

Welcome to my world.