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Fabric Haul

Hi There,

On Sunday I decided to go fabric shopping (yay) and had a pretty good haul I would like to share.

From the top left, we have: a poly-linen blend sweater knit, cotton linen blend medium weight woven fabric, cotton voile, rayon voile, poly-spandex knit.

All are super soft. That’s the nice thing about sewing my own stuff, everything can be soft.

I have some initial ideas for the fabric. The sweater knit would be a nice summer/fall light cardigan. the cotton-linen blend would make an excellent summer dress. After that, I don’t know. I bought at least 3 meters of each. Some of them I bought 4 meters. That should be enough for whatever I want to make.

On the weight loss front, I noticed my jeans I bought a month ago are fitting a little better, so yay. I had a couple off plan days, but now I am back on track.

I still haven’t planted my planters yet. My potting soil was old so it’s taking a little while to rehydrate it.




Gardening · Weight Loss

Time for Plants

Hi There,

It is super warm in Toronto this week. At least for me, I don’t do well with warm. I joke with my coworkers that I would die in South Asia.

So with it regularly hitting 25+C, I think it is time for some balcony gardening. I went to my favourite garden centre to get some plants, Plant World at Royal York and Eglinton.

So now for what I got!

  • Cayenne peppers
  • Bell peppers
  • Roma Tomatoes x 2
  • Parsley
  • Basil
  • Marigolds
  • Petunias

All so pretty. As you can see I enjoy vegetable gardening more than flower gardening. But I usually buy some colourful plants to brighten up my space. Marigolds do double duty as they tend to deter pests. I still need to get them into their final homes in pots. All my pots are living in my storage locker right now.

My diet is still going well. We had some family over so I had a night off of that. Jumped right back on again though. I even made Harvey’s work. I had the Veggie burger with a side salad and that put me in the right range for calories. I figure based on the calorie counts I see in the app I should be having: 300 calories for breakfast and 400-500 calories for lunch and dinner.

The portion sizes took a bit of getting used to but I am fine with them now. Sometimes I find there is even too much food now.

I haven’t sewn much since my last post. I did get my bias tape makers in the mail so I can make a few meters of bias tape when the mood strikes. Maybe this weekend…