Quarantine Week ? – Back on track

Hi there,

It’s finally feeling like summer out there. I had to put on my air conditioner for the past few weeks. It can be a little loud so I don’t like it on all the time. The sound of moving air and water is always disproportionately loud to me. The equalizer in my brain needs an adjustment, lol.

I can also tell it’s summer because my allergies have kicked up. Something is blooming somewhere nearby and my nose doesn’t like it. Luckily the stuffy nose hasn’t affected my balance like it has other times. Although I do notice I am a little less steady on my feet. I’ll just have to monitor that one.

My weight seems to have somewhat stabilized at 10-15 lbs heavier than I was before this started. My stress eating has gone down lately somewhat so that is good. I am really feeling the extra weight though. It’s getting harder to get up from being on the floor and I think it is zapping my energy a bit.

I rejoined Weight Watchers to help deal with the weight. It’s been a month and I am down almost 5 lbs. I have been really focusing on filling half my plate with fruit and vegetables to help lower the calorie density of my meals and keep me full.

I’ve been doing a different breakfast lately, soy yogurt with fruit and a little muesli. I have been making the soy yogurt in my Instant Pot. Here is my method for those that are curious:

  • Start with a soy milk with very little additives, I use the Natura Unsweetened in the shelf stable box, not he refrigerated one. This soy milk thickens up very nicely
  • Use a yogurt culture. I have been using the Cultures for Health Vegan Yogurt one, but I bought the Yogourmet one for after this runs out because it is less expensive
  • To make the yogurt
    • Take clean 1 cup mason jars, and fill them with the soy milk. You should be able to fill 4 jars with a box of soy milk
    • Open the starter pack and sprinkle a roughly equal amount of starter on all 4 jars of milk. It doesn’t have to be exact as long as it is close to equal. I usually sprinkle a small amount at a time and keep changing which one I sprinkle on.
    • Close the jars and give them a shake to distribute the starter.
    • Put 1 cup of water in the instant pot and put the jars in on the steamer rack
    • Set the Instant Pot to the yogurt setting. I find 9 hours is usually good. I have done this either overnight or early in the morning.
    • Once the Instant Pot is finished, take the jars out and let them sit on the counter for an hour or two to get to room temperature
    • Refrigerate for another hour or two
    • Congratulations, you have yogurt.

In sewing news, I actually completed a sewing project. It’s a tiered maxi skirt from Ottobre magazine. It is very comfy and flows beautifully. I was worried about it not fitting me because of the weight gain but it actually fits very well. My measurements must not have changed too much then. Unfortunately the skirt didn’t last and it has developed a hole in the middle. I am going to salvage as much as I can from it. At least save the zipper and the button, perhaps I can use the fabric as lining for something else.

I also made 2 different tops.

This one was from My Image magazine. I wasn’t fond of how the sleeves turned out. The dolman sleeves don’t really work for me, I don’t like the extra fabric at the underarms. But other than that I think I did a good job with the sewing.

And this tank top from the April 2020 issue of Burdastyle. This one has a neat twist at the shoulders and is super comfy. I actually graded this up to a 44, the original pattern only went to a 42, and I also lengthened by 2″. Because the fabric is quite stretchy I probably didn’t need to grade up in hind sight, but it was my first time grading a patter and I think it turned out well.

In knitting news I have been knitting up a storm. I finished those bright green socks from last time. Unfortunately the yarn I chose is not good for socks. A cotton/acrylic blend just doesn’t have enough stretch recovery to work as socks. I cast on another pair of socks in a yarn that’s actually advertised as sock yarn and it has a lot more stretch. So lesson learned I guess.

I also started crocheting a lacy robe. It’s going to be taking a while there are a lot of rows to get through. but it will be pretty once it’s done.

I also cast on the Primaveral cowl. It is really chunky and probably too warm for the weather right now but it will be nice and cozy for spring and fall. Another project is the Silverstar Scarfette. I am getting close the ruffle edging on that one.

Also with the recent news lately about Black Lives Matter, I have been thinking a lot about my personal biases. I have been trying to fill my feeds with more BIPOC voices and perspectives and have been listening. I get anxious in crowds so I haven’t been to a protest but I am with them in spirit. I also think it’s important to think about the intersectionality of being a BIPOC and being a woman and/or being disabled and/or being a GSM (Gender and Sexual Minority) , and how those people have even more issues to worry about. I am listening and reflecting.

Black Lives Matter, TTYL

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