I survived

Hi there,

So I caught the coronavirus last week and I survived. I am thanking my luck and my youth that it was a relatively mild case and that it didn’t hit my lungs really at all. I couldn’t get a test but I am pretty sure it was COVID-19 because I had a rash and a fever and there are not many rash/fever combos out there that are not Chicken Pox and I already had that. It was also pretty brutal. Anyone saying this is just like the flu and not that serious doesn’t have any idea. It wiped me out pretty hard and I had a MILD case with no respiratory symptoms. Practice social distancing and stay safe out there. I am still under quarantine until next weekend so hopefully, I don’t go too stir crazy being locked in my apartment.

In other news, I picked up my knitting and crochet again instead of sewing. I have been finding it more relaxing and easier to pass the time while being locked inside. There is a meditative aspect and it’s something where I can check my mind and focus on the repetitiveness of the movement. As much as I love sewing it is a very active process and I need something where I don’t have to think too hard right now. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is real, I just don’t have the mental space to think out a sewing pattern.

So what have I been working on?

I picked up my Hue Shift Afghan again. I got it as a Christmas gift a long while ago. It is such an easy knit with garter stitch mitred squares. I do love modular knits because in an hour you can complete a section and you feel so accomplished.

I finished my Pioneer Gloves in Knit Picks Comfy fingering in Lilac. I had started them a year ago and finally got to finishing them 2 weeks ago.

Next I did some dishcloths:


This is the candleberry dishcloth in Knit Picks Shine Sport in Grapefruit. This one was an interesting knit because it is done from the centre outwards. It has a slightly tricky lace pattern with nupps. Nupps and I have never gotten along well.


Next up a beaded rib dishcloth in Knit Picks Dishie in Honeydew, can you tell I am a knit picks fan… This was an easy knit and purl pattern that once you got in the rhythm knit up fairly quickly. I actually got almost finished with this pattern when I decided my needles were too big, went down a size and finished the dishcloth again. My gauge likes 4.5mm needles with this yarn for knit and purl patterns.

I also started a pair of socks.


This is the Vanilla Latte socks in Comfy Fingering in Peapod. I forgot how much I love sock knitting. I did three speed sock knitting competitions when I was in University. When I went vegan and decided to no longer use animal fibres in knitting I thought sock knitting was out of the picture forever. Lately, I have been finding many awesome sock weight yarns that are also vegan and I am starting to experiment with those. This sock is a cotton acrylic blend so it should still be breathable, sturdy and stretchy enough to stay up. I figured this rib pattern with also help keep the socks having a good recovery. I started the socks on Wednesday and I am halfway down the foot of the sock at the end of Sunday. Nowhere near my personal record of 1 pair of socks in 24 hours, but honestly that is probably my limit and my wrists won’t like me for it.

For crochet, I finished up one project and did one from start to finish. I did the Yes Yes Shawl in a cotton bamboo blend yarn from King Cole. I started this one almost 2 years ago and I was only a couple rows from being done.

My other project was the Tiffany Scarf in Knit Picks Lindy Chain in Honey. This was such a cute scarf but just not my colour. I am hoping to gift this to someone else.


Well, I had a lot to say today.



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