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Hi there,

It’s been about a month and it’s time for another update.

I was sick for about 2 weeks out of last month. It was pretty brutal but I survived and I am pretty much over it now. Given that my sewing progress was a little slow this month.

At the start I made some PJ pants for my brother for his birthday. They were in a lovely print from Spoonflower. They turned out really well and he is quite happy with them.


My next sewing project was a hoodie/cardigan for my Mom. The fabric was a lovely heathered sweater knit in a deep blue. The fabric was from Water Tower Textiles. I love the knits at that place. They are always such high quality and at a good price point. Shipping from Canada is always a plus.

This pattern is the Autumn Warmer from Ottobre Designs Fall Women’s issue. It’s my first time using that magazine and I have to say I am impressed. Excellent drafting and thorough instructions. I have another project planned out of that magazine and I am looking forward to making it.


Last but not least, something for myself. I’ve lost another 2 pounds over the last month and another inch or so from my hips and bust. This puts me into the straight sizes for patterns! I got a subscription to Burdastyle magazine this year. I love all the straight size patterns and the plus size ones are lacking. Now I can finally make one of the regular size patterns!

I made this top out of a fabric I had in my stash. I figured a basic tee was a good pattern to judge my size against their drafting. I found out that Burda actually drafts with a decent amount of ease, so I was able to fit into a size 44 without any alterations! I was so ecstatic that I can do that now. I haven’t been this size in at least 4 years and it feels great.


From here you can really see that my belly has shrunk. That is where most of the weight loss has been. My dietician has really helped my clean up my diet. I eat more balanced and more reasonable portions than I have in a long while. Each visit I go my body fat percentage is going down and I am gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time. It really is incredible. This is also the most stress free way I have approached losing weight in a long while too. This doesn’t feel obsessive and I feel I can continue this long term.

Anyhow that’s it for now. I didn’t do anymore about the Sew your Kibbe challenge. I just haven’t had the space to think about it right now. Hopefully I can start thinking about that again soon.


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