Sewing · Weight Loss

My First 29th Birthday

Hi There,

I am halfway through my vacation for my birthday this year. So far so good. I am definitely finding it easier to relax this time around. Work stress settling down a lot helps.

During my vacation, I started my Christmas sewing. For Christmas, I am sewing my family each a garment or a few. I got 1 done on Wednesday, I think I did a pretty good job this time around on the pattern. I was quite proud of my topstitching. Right now I am working on another garment and this one has a collar. This is probably my best collar yet. Both of these patterns I made for them last year so they were already altered and ready to go.

I think it’s time for a weight loss update. Well, I am down 10 lbs. Yay me! Also down a clothing size, 3 inches from my waist and 2 inches from my hips. I went clothing shopping yesterday and it was so nice to be able to choose the smaller size. I am only 1 size away from straight sizes (not plus size).

So far this plan is one I can easily stick with. The fact that I am not dieting every day of the week helps. I only restrict on 2 days out of the week and I have my routine there pretty down pat. I aim for under 500 Cals for the day and that usually means coffee and tea at breakfast and lunch and then soup plus a slice of bread for dinner. Skipping breakfast and lunch keeps my stomach from waking up and making me hungry throughout the day. All other days I eat what I like, and I have found my appetite is actually a little reduced on the non-fast days. I have been tracking the calories in an app and I average about 1430 Calories over the week which is well under the 2000  Calories recommended for maintenance of my size. I may have to throw in another fast day this next week with all the indulging for my birthday. There is still cake to come!

Last week I bought an advent calendar. I’m not religious but the cultural celebration of Christmas is kind of an anchor point in the year so I still celebrate. When I was little my Grandmother would always buy me and my brother an advent calendar with the little chocolates. Since I am vegan now I can’t have those anymore, although I hear there are vegan chocolate ones now, I have never encountered a vegan one myself. I did, however, find 2 that are vegan, one by accident and the other one is labelled. 24 days to love tea calendar from David’s Tea is accidentally vegan. It has 24 bags of tea in there for each day of advent. The other one I found was 24 days of vegan candy from Squish candies. This one has 24 packets of gummy candies that are all vegan. If you didn’t know, gummy candies can be made from either gelatine with is not vegan, or, pectin and cornstarch which is vegan.


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