Sewing · Weight Loss

Hey, I’m Back!

Hi There,

I am back to my blog after a long time away. Did you miss me?

Work has been super crazy and I have been quite stressed trying to get everything done. There are so many tight deadlines and a lot of issues requiring a quick turnaround. It’s been rough but we are finally starting to see the light at the end.

Work has taken so much of my energy that I really didn’t sew a lot. I did make a Blackwood cardigan that looks very nice. I made it in a light sweater knit that is the perfect weight for transitional layering.

I have also gotten back into my makeup. I’ve been enjoying making myself look nicer again. I’ve come a long way from my first forays into makeup with only knowing stage makeup for dance recitals. Red lipsticks and dark eyes, oh man. That and purple/orange/pink/red hair was quite a look I am sure. Those hair colours were not all at once mind you. I have definitely learned how to tone it down.

On the diet front, I am trying something new again. This time it’s the 5:2 diet. That means eating normally for 5 days and fasting for 2 days. A fast is 500 Calories or less in 24h. I’m on my first fast day today so we will see how that goes. I weighed myself today and I am a little down from the last time I weighed myself in December, about 4 pounds. So my weight hasn’t gone up at least, in fact, I have pretty much maintained my weight over a year so that is not bad at all. My measurements are also pretty steady so at least I am not moving in the wrong direction!

We will see how things do coming into the holiday season. For Christmas gifts for the family, I am sewing stuff for them. I got all the fabric and I have washed some of it. All but one are patterns I have made before, and those patterns are even already altered for length so it is literally just cut and sew.

We have a new person starting at work tomorrow so hopefully, he will be quick to get up to speed. He is pretty senior so he should have no troubles. It will be nice to have another pair of hands.

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