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1/2 week mark and what’s on my sewing table

Hi There,

Just thought I would check in.

4 days down of the 22 days vegan meal planner and feeling great. I woke up with tons of energy. I have been eating a load more fruits and veggies, maybe my body was missing the nutrients. I have only had 2 out of my 3 usual cups of coffee and I am still feeling awake. Fantastic.

On my sewing table right now is the skirt from the March issue of Knipmode. It’s looking good so far and I can’t wait to show you. The stripes are working well with this pattern. I am about to install the invisibleĀ zipper.

The pocket area is weird on this skirt. For one, they have you sewing the pocket bags together before sewing it to the other side. This lead to some very confusing topography. I sewed the side seam with the pocket the wrong way the first time. I got it the right way around for the second side seam. But this one also has the zipper in this same seam. All in all, very confusing. I will be interested to see how the invisible zipper goes in. I might just do some basting so it goes smoothly, otherwise, the seam allowance has a tendency to not be in the right place.

This fabric also frays when you look at it funny. Trying to get in this pocket area to at least serge it off is a challenge. I’ve attached the waistband and fortunately, that went in without too much trouble.

Ah well, wish me luck.


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