My Soft Harmony Sweater

Hi there,

In addition to my sewing, I also knit. Right now I am knitting a Soft Harmony sweater from the February issue of Fashion Style. Fashion Style is the German translation of Knipmode, but they include a different knitting pattern in there from the knitting magazine Sabrina.

The Soft Harmony sweater is a boat neck sweater with half length sleeves that have a slit in the bottom. The knitting is done in a lace pattern that adds a slight scallop texture to the hem.


The bottom part of a sleeve in progress



One of the back/front pieces completed.

As you can see from the pictures I am using the Wendy Supreme DK yarn in 100% mercerized cotton. I always choose plant-based or synthetic fibres for my crafting because I am vegan. My veganism spans beyond my diet and goes to my crafting and general consumption habits as well.

I am enjoying knitting this yarn. Sometimes cotton can hurt my hands because it has no give, but this yarn I am having less of an issue with.

The needles I am using are my KnitPicks interchangeable Harmony needles. I have had these for about 8 years now and I still love them. They are just the right amount of grabby for this yarn and the points are perfect on these 5 mm needles. I find the taper of the point on these needles varies significantly between sizes but the 5 mm have a nice balance of pointiness and taper length. The only issue I have with my particular set in the 5 mm is that one of them like to become unscrewed from the cord. Nothing a quick twist can’t fix but it’s still annoying.

I’m playing chicken with the amount of yarn I have right now. Based on my current tension and how the back and front played out I should have just enough yarn to complete it. I am debating with myself whether to go back to the yarn store and see if they have another ball in this dye lot. I may see where I am at when I start the second sleeve. I have enough thread tails I might be able to salvage for the remaining knitting and the crochet around the neckline.



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