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Latest Sewing Projects

Hi there,

It’s been about a month and it’s time for another update.

I was sick for about 2 weeks out of last month. It was pretty brutal but I survived and I am pretty much over it now. Given that my sewing progress was a little slow this month.

At the start I made some PJ pants for my brother for his birthday. They were in a lovely print from Spoonflower. They turned out really well and he is quite happy with them.


My next sewing project was a hoodie/cardigan for my Mom. The fabric was a lovely heathered sweater knit in a deep blue. The fabric was from Water Tower Textiles. I love the knits at that place. They are always such high quality and at a good price point. Shipping from Canada is always a plus.

This pattern is the Autumn Warmer from Ottobre Designs Fall Women’s issue. It’s my first time using that magazine and I have to say I am impressed. Excellent drafting and thorough instructions. I have another project planned out of that magazine and I am looking forward to making it.


Last but not least, something for myself. I’ve lost another 2 pounds over the last month and another inch or so from my hips and bust. This puts me into the straight sizes for patterns! I got a subscription to Burdastyle magazine this year. I love all the straight size patterns and the plus size ones are lacking. Now I can finally make one of the regular size patterns!

I made this top out of a fabric I had in my stash. I figured a basic tee was a good pattern to judge my size against their drafting. I found out that Burda actually drafts with a decent amount of ease, so I was able to fit into a size 44 without any alterations! I was so ecstatic that I can do that now. I haven’t been this size in at least 4 years and it feels great.


From here you can really see that my belly has shrunk. That is where most of the weight loss has been. My dietician has really helped my clean up my diet. I eat more balanced and more reasonable portions than I have in a long while. Each visit I go my body fat percentage is going down and I am gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time. It really is incredible. This is also the most stress free way I have approached losing weight in a long while too. This doesn’t feel obsessive and I feel I can continue this long term.

Anyhow that’s it for now. I didn’t do anymore about the Sew your Kibbe challenge. I just haven’t had the space to think about it right now. Hopefully I can start thinking about that again soon.


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Sew Your Kibbe Challenge and Life Update

Hi there,

I follow a number of sewing blogs and the Kibbe body types have been all over the blogosphere these days. The Kibbe system has 13 classifications each with a different balance of Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) influences. Based on the quiz and the pictures of the body types I have determined that I am a Theatrical Romantic. That is a very rounded Yin type with a slight Yang undercurrent.

The general recommendations for a body type like mine can be found at the beginning of this post by Doctor T Designs. At the beginning of this year Doctor T put out the Sew Your Kibbe Challenge. The basic gist of it is to sew garments that fit into your Kibbe type and start constructing a wardrobe based on that.

My main focus will be the following:

  • Waist emphasis, dresses and blouses skim the natural waist curve
  • Feminine details like ruffles, pleats and draping
  • Pants and skirt come in at the bottom instead of flaring out
  • Soft flowing fabrics that have good drape, like rayon challis or jersey
  • Richly textured fabrics, like sweater knits, satin or velvet

I do some of these things already. I usually gravitate towards drapey fabrics over structured ones. I also am a fan of sweater knits. Waist emphasis will be tricky because of my protruding belly, I will have to figure out how to fit the side curve while still accommodating the tummy. I tend to sew flared pants and skirts so that will also be interesting.

So far I have already made one thing that meets some of these criteria. A blouse out of KnipMode which can be found here. The sleeves and the necktie are nice drapey elements and it is fitted around the waist.

This top also marked a victory in my weight loss journey. I sewed this in a size 46 which is the smallest size I have traced out of there, and it is a woven top as well so it is less forgiving. I seem to be losing most of my fat in the belly region so that is very encouraging.

Last I posted I was doing intermittent fasting (IF). I am no longer doing that after meeting with a dietician. Her advice was that this was probably not something I could sustain long-term and after thinking about it she is right. It was getting harder and harder each time. So instead I am not counting calories but watching portion sizes. In particular, only eating the portion size recommended by the recipe and cutting the portion on my rice and pasta in half. So far this has been doing well for me. I haven’t gained back the weight lost from the IF so that is definitely a plus.

I also had a long overdue doctors visit and some bloodwork. I was deficient in iron which could explain some low energy levels. I am now taking an iron supplement with a vitamin C supplement to help with absorption.

In that visit, I also had a recurring problem I was having explained better. I was getting bouts of vertigo, especially in connection to migraines. The vertigo was pretty disabling, I couldn’t even walk much around my 1 bedroom apartment when they happened and that was about once a week. I would feel like the world was spinning and I had a hard time keeping my balance. My doctor suggested I have Meniere’s Disease, which my mother told me runs in my family. Unfortunately, it is just something I have to live with for the rest of my life. There is a medication I am taking that will slow the progression of it significantly, but I might eventually lose my hearing, predominantly in one ear, and continue to have episodes of dizziness. The thought of losing my hearing is saddening, I love music so much and I have my music going through most of the day. I have to see an audiologist to get an opinion on if that’s the diagnosis, but the medication for treating Meniere’s is already working and the manoeuvre for clearing a crystal in my inner ear hasn’t made a difference. I did have one episode recently but I was doing a lot of standing and sitting and that can make it worse.

All that standing and sitting was for putting together my Christmas gift from my parents. A new table shelf combo for my sewing. It works wonderfully and my sewing/office is a lot more functional now. I need a second chair to have at the sewing machine now, my computer chair is a bit of a pain to get over there. I already sewed the aforementioned blouse and I am working on a T-shirt right now.

Whew, that was a lot.


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My First 29th Birthday

Hi There,

I am halfway through my vacation for my birthday this year. So far so good. I am definitely finding it easier to relax this time around. Work stress settling down a lot helps.

During my vacation, I started my Christmas sewing. For Christmas, I am sewing my family each a garment or a few. I got 1 done on Wednesday, I think I did a pretty good job this time around on the pattern. I was quite proud of my topstitching. Right now I am working on another garment and this one has a collar. This is probably my best collar yet. Both of these patterns I made for them last year so they were already altered and ready to go.

I think it’s time for a weight loss update. Well, I am down 10 lbs. Yay me! Also down a clothing size, 3 inches from my waist and 2 inches from my hips. I went clothing shopping yesterday and it was so nice to be able to choose the smaller size. I am only 1 size away from straight sizes (not plus size).

So far this plan is one I can easily stick with. The fact that I am not dieting every day of the week helps. I only restrict on 2 days out of the week and I have my routine there pretty down pat. I aim for under 500 Cals for the day and that usually means coffee and tea at breakfast and lunch and then soup plus a slice of bread for dinner. Skipping breakfast and lunch keeps my stomach from waking up and making me hungry throughout the day. All other days I eat what I like, and I have found my appetite is actually a little reduced on the non-fast days. I have been tracking the calories in an app and I average about 1430 Calories over the week which is well under the 2000  Calories recommended for maintenance of my size. I may have to throw in another fast day this next week with all the indulging for my birthday. There is still cake to come!

Last week I bought an advent calendar. I’m not religious but the cultural celebration of Christmas is kind of an anchor point in the year so I still celebrate. When I was little my Grandmother would always buy me and my brother an advent calendar with the little chocolates. Since I am vegan now I can’t have those anymore, although I hear there are vegan chocolate ones now, I have never encountered a vegan one myself. I did, however, find 2 that are vegan, one by accident and the other one is labelled. 24 days to love tea calendar from David’s Tea is accidentally vegan. It has 24 bags of tea in there for each day of advent. The other one I found was 24 days of vegan candy from Squish candies. This one has 24 packets of gummy candies that are all vegan. If you didn’t know, gummy candies can be made from either gelatine with is not vegan, or, pectin and cornstarch which is vegan.


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Hey, I’m Back!

Hi There,

I am back to my blog after a long time away. Did you miss me?

Work has been super crazy and I have been quite stressed trying to get everything done. There are so many tight deadlines and a lot of issues requiring a quick turnaround. It’s been rough but we are finally starting to see the light at the end.

Work has taken so much of my energy that I really didn’t sew a lot. I did make a Blackwood cardigan that looks very nice. I made it in a light sweater knit that is the perfect weight for transitional layering.

I have also gotten back into my makeup. I’ve been enjoying making myself look nicer again. I’ve come a long way from my first forays into makeup with only knowing stage makeup for dance recitals. Red lipsticks and dark eyes, oh man. That and purple/orange/pink/red hair was quite a look I am sure. Those hair colours were not all at once mind you. I have definitely learned how to tone it down.

On the diet front, I am trying something new again. This time it’s the 5:2 diet. That means eating normally for 5 days and fasting for 2 days. A fast is 500 Calories or less in 24h. I’m on my first fast day today so we will see how that goes. I weighed myself today and I am a little down from the last time I weighed myself in December, about 4 pounds. So my weight hasn’t gone up at least, in fact, I have pretty much maintained my weight over a year so that is not bad at all. My measurements are also pretty steady so at least I am not moving in the wrong direction!

We will see how things do coming into the holiday season. For Christmas gifts for the family, I am sewing stuff for them. I got all the fabric and I have washed some of it. All but one are patterns I have made before, and those patterns are even already altered for length so it is literally just cut and sew.

We have a new person starting at work tomorrow so hopefully, he will be quick to get up to speed. He is pretty senior so he should have no troubles. It will be nice to have another pair of hands.

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Weight Loss Progress

Hi there,

So as the title suggests I have made progress in the weight loss front. I measured myself yesterday and I have lost 3 inches from my waist and 1/2 inch from my hips. Amazing!

I noticed it on Monday when a skirt I made around this time last year was almost falling down at work. Luckily my shirt was long that day so there was no inappropriateness.

This is kinda bittersweet because I liked that skirt and I put a fair amount of work into it, but on the other hand, I did want to become slimmer. It’s an interesting dilemma when a large portion of my clothing is me-made but I want to change in a way that it will all no longer fit. I need to keep in mind that this is for my health and wellness and it’s important to keep going with this, but it is quite sad that I have to say goodbye to some favourite pieces.

I guess that just means more sewing in the future. 😀

In other news, last weekend I did a big tidy of my apartment, (much thanks to Mom for helping). I have so much fabric that it is not fitting into the 2 designated shelves for fabric, which means I am not only on a food diet but a fabric diet as well. I have lots in my stash to choose from so it’s not like I’ll be running short anytime soon.

I am very wary about letting my stash get out of control. My late grandmother was notorious for the stash in the basement of her house. The entire basement seemed like one large fabric/yarn pile. It was always so sad because she bought so many nice pieces of fabric and yarn but had nowhere near enough time left in her life to use them all. I just would keep thinking of all the work that went into producing all that material and get very sad for all the workers and farmers that put their time into making it. I want to make sure I honour the people who made the fabric and yarn I buy by actually making it into something and trying not to waste it.

I hope my grandmother is resting peacefully if there was an afterlife I think she would be in one giant yarn/fabric pile where ever that would be. Whenever I craft I feel like I am honouring her memory, even though she wasn’t the easiest person to get on with. In fact, I see a lot of myself in her and gained an understanding of how she was on a personal level. I see a woman who went through a lot of the same psychological struggles I am but didn’t have anywhere near the same supports.

Great, now I made myself cry…


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Soft Harmony is together!

Hi There,

It’s been a bit crazy the last few days. Mostly just work business so nothing out of the normal, don’t worry. When stuff like that gets busy it’s so helpful to take some time to relax. For me, that’s working on some projects.

This morning I completed the sweater I talked about here. It looks great! It is just the right weight for a summer/spring sweater.


It’s a little loose, I think my tension was a little looser than specified in the pattern. I was worried while knitting the sleeves that they would be too short, but now that it’s together I see it is a bit of a dropped shoulder situation.

I also completed the tap pants from here. I don’t think they are my best work. I still have to figure out how not to let rayon challis grow out of size one me. Probably didn’t help that the pieces were draped over my iron board for a while. Oh well, it still is comfy and it’s pyjamas so that’s what counts. I still have to cut my bias tape for the cami, I find bias tape a little fiddly so I am definitely procrastinating on that one.




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Fabric Haul

Hi There,

On Sunday I decided to go fabric shopping (yay) and had a pretty good haul I would like to share.

From the top left, we have: a poly-linen blend sweater knit, cotton linen blend medium weight woven fabric, cotton voile, rayon voile, poly-spandex knit.

All are super soft. That’s the nice thing about sewing my own stuff, everything can be soft.

I have some initial ideas for the fabric. The sweater knit would be a nice summer/fall light cardigan. the cotton-linen blend would make an excellent summer dress. After that, I don’t know. I bought at least 3 meters of each. Some of them I bought 4 meters. That should be enough for whatever I want to make.

On the weight loss front, I noticed my jeans I bought a month ago are fitting a little better, so yay. I had a couple off plan days, but now I am back on track.

I still haven’t planted my planters yet. My potting soil was old so it’s taking a little while to rehydrate it.